Scrubby has a ridiculous case of acne. It was so bad that we had to make an appointment with our vet, a woman with a combined DVM/PhD degree, to give him a facial.

My vet shaved Scrubby’s chin, applied a hot compress, and squeezed the hell out of his zits. She also prescribed an antibiotic and a steroid that we administered over seven days. The whole thing ran me $75. I could have had a facial.

Since that time, I have removed all remaining plastic bowls. (We only had this semi-plastic waterer in regular use, but it’s still plastic.) We started using less harsh dishwashing detergent. And I created an esthetician’s suite where I am washing his chin, nightly, with Cetaphil and Neutrogena.

He still has acne.

I googled “feline acne” and “chin acne” and “steroids” and “harsh dishwashing detergent” and found my way onto several bodybuilder websites where I learned that people on steroids fight “body acne” by applying a paste of Cascade dishwashing detergent right before going into a tanning booth.

Holy. Shit.

This reminds me of the time, years ago, when I wrote a semi-anonymous advice column. A young woman asked if semen could cure bacne.

I don’t know what prompted this person to ask a blogger for advice; however, that article BLEW UP because lots of people have bacne and search for a cure.

So I’m not freaking out about the Cascade/tanning approach because I know that people are desperate and severe acne has been linked to depression. I am simply telling you that nothing good comes from taking steroids or tanning.

(Not that anyone will listen to me. But I know something about losing collagen in my skin. I am 39. I can feel the impact of sun — both real and artificial — on my face and body.)

In Scrubby’s case, we are going to continue the nightly facials and skip the tanning booth. He is a pale and freckled ginger cat. He would fry under the UV light.


Dear Readers,

Today is Hairball Awareness Day.

Normally, Furminator asks me to do a cool project with cat fur to promote healthy feline digestive tracts. This year, there is no project. Some websites are running a contest where you can win a FURminator grooming kit filled with several products, but I’d rather just show you the projects we’ve done for the past two years.

I think my photos are more fun.

Furminator 2012

Furminator 2013 2

Furminator 2013

Anyway, the LFR kitties are down with the Furminator. Without question, it is the single best item we own in this house. And for springtime allergies, I furminate the hell out of my cats.

None of my cats suffer from hairballs, btdubs. Not a single one.

So happy National Hairball Awareness Day. Go comb your cats. I am sure they would love the attention.



AOL Dial Up CDHi, everyone. Welcome to LFR HQ. This is just a quiet note to test out the platform.

As many of you know, my existence falls into three categories: work, life and cats. Even when I write about feminist hermeneutics and phenomenology, I am really just writing about my cats.

As I start to add stuff to this website, please remember that nobody is forcing you to read my work. This isn’t AOL. I don’t want your opinion. If you don’t like the content, keep moving. There’s nothing for you here.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. You can use as a shortcut to find me if you can’t spell my last name.

That’s all for now!

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