HRLF - Human Resource Leadership Forum

12:00 am

The Conference Center at Bentley University
175 Forest Street LaCava Campus Center #300
Waltham, MA
United States


Bridging the Digital Divide

Workplace expert Laurie Ruettimann has been at the forefront of workplace issues for over two decades, and now she takes on the dirty secret of job dissatisfaction and interpersonal conflict, holds it up to the light of day, and provides practical, honest advice for addressing issues in the current workplace as they spill online.

In this fresh and authentic program, Ruettimann gives HR leaders the responsibility and opportunity to utilize digital tools to address and confront divisive issues related to culture, politics, race, gender and even #MeToo. HR leaders will learn new strategies to address and mediate contentious debates online, and we’ll talk about what it takes to address workplace dissatisfaction on these new media platforms.

Join Laurie as she covers the buzzwords, the nerdy, and all things digital. If your company ever had an online review that didn’t feel fair, or if you felt like complaining about your own CEO on a website, this program is for you.

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