1:15 pm - 2:30 pm


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“The Future of Work: Self-Leadership is The Ultimate Competency”

The world of work changed in the blink of an eye. Gone are professional offices with cubicles, offices and hot desks. Now, we’re working in remote-first environments where the days are longer, the screens are smaller, and the need to communicate and collaborate has never been more critical.

How do you create a work culture where the employee experience is prioritized, and people feel a sense of ownership for their careers? Yes, there are technology solutions—however, your company’s secret weapon is self-leadership, the art and science of individual accountability.

No matter where you are on the org chart, your people are leaders. Join veteran HR leader Laurie Ruettimann to learn what self-leadership is and how it’s the ultimate competency for a mature and productive workforce in the 21st century.

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