Fix Your Career: Take a Risk, Explore Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship

Wish you knew how to put yourself first, take risks and explore entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship? Wish you had the courage to try something new?

I’m teaching a five-week coaching program to help you take a risk in 2019 and bet on yourself.

Fix Your Career: Take a Risk in 2019

Week One: Outline your plan and learn the rules of risk-taking. We’ll cover how to create a goal and develop a big idea, then we’ll talk about realistic goal setting, objectives, creating a supportive network to achieve your goals, and how to minimize the chances you’ll get fired for pursuing your dream. You’ll leave this session with homework and a new attitude on what’s possible in 2019.

Week Two: We’ve got an AMA (ask me anything) with me and hosted by Jennifer McClure. Want to start a business? Become a public speaker? Get promoted? Go back to school? Jennifer and I will answer your questions, and we’ll also cover homework on how to incorporate lessons from the AMA into your plan for 2019.

Week Three: Guest speaker Jason Lauritsen on entrepreneurship and risk-taking. Jason is an award-winning public speaker, entrepreneur and author. He’s also a husband, a father, and someone who had a real job long before he had a “dream career.” Learn the basics of taking risks from Jason and get a free copy of his new book.

Week Four: Implementation week. We’ll do our private coaching sessions so you can implement, implement, implement. Oh, wait, you’ll be implementing. We’re not leaving 2018 without redrawing the map of our lives.

Week Five: Wrap up, where do we go from here? This is a crucial week to summarize what we’ve learned, celebrate our progress, and lock down our strategic plans for 2019. And we have a surprise guest speaker to send you off into the new year feeling inspired.

This coaching will change your life.

I’m not messing around, anymore, and neither should you. Five weeks of coaching plus a free book and access to my network of friends and colleagues who are here to help you. Your company budgets personal development and training dollars that go to waste, every year.

Forget continuing education credits and webinars. Get coaching, get courageous, and get a new job or new path in 2019. The cost of the course is $479. Have a question? Want a discount? Email me or use the contact form below.

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