Facts on the ground.

  1. You need to show ROI for all the time you spend on the internet.
  2. I am participating in two webinars, this month, that will not suck.

Let’s do this!

First up — want to learn more about data and HR to sound credible to your boss?

The first webinar is hosted by CareerBuilder and is called Knocking Down the Barriers to Data Mastery. That’s a helluva title. Matt Stollak will share the importance of recruitment and sourcing data when it comes to building and maintaining a competitive workforce planning strategy.

Sound boring? All of HR is boring. Adulthood is boring. But understanding data is important, and Matt is awesome. This webinar will be punchy and interactive. I’m moderating and it’s on St. Patrick’s Day. How can this go wrong?

Next up — I know you’re obsessed with employee engagement and culture.

Fine. Be obsessed. I can’t stop you. But I believe that the ROI of “happiness” is an improved team dynamic and a more productive team-level culture. (You can measure that.) I’ll be hosting a discussion with The Power of Thanks authors Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine from Globoforce. They will share powerful research and stories on crafting a meaningful, productive work culture.

Did I just give you some buzzwords? Sure. But I’ve written the questions for the webinar, and we will give you actionable items that you can use in your job. Plus I’ll be doing this from Las Vegas. It’s March 31st. Sign up!

The most exciting news?

I’m providing you with examples of how you can work in human resources in different and compelling ways. Duh. I keep telling everybody that it’s possible to do what you’re good at (HR) but do it in a way that doesn’t drive you crazy. So watch and learn, suckers.

Sign up for these two human resources webinars. Then do what I’m doing. It’s fun!