Laurie Ruettimann is an acclaimed LinkedIn Learning instructor with over two million views of her course library. She teaches leadership training on topics such as transformation, manager readiness, leadership loyalty to its workforce, conflict resolution techniques, self-leadership, and recruiting & hiring techniques.

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Laurie Ruettimann’s LinkedIn Learning Courses

Are you interested in transforming your organization? Do you want to deal with workplace conflict? Are you looking for leadership skills training?
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Be the Transformative Leader Your Organization Needs Now

This course is for experienced managers and organizational leaders. Laurie Ruettimann shares innovative approaches to inspire you to foster team growth and develop a resilient, agile leadership style that promotes success across your organization.

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Be the Manager People Won't Leave LinkedIn Learning Course

Taken Over 1.5 Million Times

Be the Manager People Won’t Leave

Manager relationships are becoming the make-or-break point for whether employees stay or go. Join veteran HR leader Laurie Ruettimann as she reveals the data behind why it’s more important than ever to be a manager who demonstrates empathy and inspires loyalty from the workforce.

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Be the Manager Who Fights for Their Team Linked In Learning Course

Laurie’s Personal Favorite

Be the Manager Who Fights for Their Team

People remember the manager who fights for them, the leader at work who shines a light on the team. Learn how to fight for your team, recognize their success, secure resources, and clear a path for innovation. Join Laurie to help everyone on your team feel safe, valued, and praised.

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Mastering Self-Leadership LinkedIn Learning Course

Mastering Self-Leadership

Learn how to emerge as the self-leader you were always meant to be: a person who takes responsibility for their actions and is an example to others. Laurie provides candid, real-world guidance, tools, and strategies for leading yourself—practicing self-leadership at the office and at home to teaching this invaluable skill to others.

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How to Proactively Manage Conflict as an Employee Linkedin Learning Course

How to Proactively Manage Conflict as an Employee

Manage conflict before it escalates. Learn how to recognize the signs of conflict and apply problem-solving strategies to resolve it with tact and diplomacy. Veteran HR leader Laurie Ruettimann explains how to differentiate conflict from bullying and identify when you need third-party intervention.

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Hire Better, Hire Faster with Social Media and Digital Platforms LinkedIn Learning Course

Hire Better, Hire Faster with Social Media and Digital Platforms

Join Laurie Ruettimann in this course to learn how to create an efficient social media and digital recruiting strategy that is channel-agnostic and aligns with your organization’s business goals, communicates your brand, and attracts talented candidates who want to stay.

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Laurie Ruettimann is a LinkedIn Top Voice and popular instructor with over two million downloads of her courses.

She is also a noted author, human resources consultant, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur.

Challenge conventional HR thinking and empower yourself to create a thriving work culture with Laurie’s full LinkedIn Learning Course Library.

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