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Therapy, Counseling, and Coaching: Knowing the Difference and Finding the Right Support

In the landscape of professional development, many business coaches believe they can do it all. However, understanding the distinctions between therapy, counseling, and coaching is essential for anyone seeking meaningful support. Therapy addresses psychological and emotional issues. It’s for unpacking deep-seated problems, traumas, and mental health challenges. Therapists are trained to navigate these complex terrains,…

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Reframing Impostor Syndrome

I want you to consider reframing impostor syndrome. In today’s achievement-oriented world, where work constantly pushes us to brag, impostor syndrome is common. Many of us feel inadequate, fearing we’ll be exposed as frauds despite our accomplishments. Typical advice is to boost self-esteem, celebrate achievements, and remind ourselves of our worth. But what if this…

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279: The Corporate Recruiter’s Playbook with Carmen Hudson

Have you ever wondered why so many hiring processes fall short of finding the best talent? On this episode of Punk Rock HR, Laurie welcomes recruiter Carmen Hudson, author of The Corporate Recruiter’s Playbook, who shares the secrets behind effective hiring strategies. She challenges the outdated reliance on question banks, highlighting understanding core skills and…

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