ruettimann lil bub

ruettimann lil bubI always end the year by writing about my accomplishments, failure, regrets and resolutions. Today’s post is about accomplishments.

Let’s not beat around the bush. My biggest accomplishment is that I revisited some of my failures and made them right.

  1. I remembered my friend Lance’s birthday.
  2. I met Lil Bub.
  3. I tried to write a little more.
  4. I worked on mending some relationships and letting others go.
  5. I tried to fix my business model so I enjoy working with colleagues and friends.

I’m a fairly straightforward thinker when it comes to success and failure. Black is black. White is white. You don’t need metrics, measurements or analytical tools to know when you’ve done something magnificent or something horrible. Accomplishments are generally clear.

But failure doesn’t mean that an opportunity for success is over. And I’ve come to believe that it’s black & white thinking that stops my future possibilities of progress and growth.

So this year, I flipped the script and revisited old “failures.” If I’m being honest, it felt a little shadowy. But as I grew comfortable with my failures and saw them for what they were — mostly minor and inconsequential — I determined that failure isn’t permanent.

Failure is fluid, plastic and changeable. And it’s usually not a failure.

I think revisiting my failures in 2015 is my biggest accomplishment.

(Although seeing Lil Bub was truly magical.)