Let’s face it. There are a ton of people in HR leadership positions who probably shouldn’t be in those positions.

Then there are awesome people. The people who deserve to get promoted. Like you. Or someone you know.

I’m putting together a list of emerging HR leaders, and I wonder if you’d like to nominate someone for my list. The process is semi-confidential in that I won’t reveal your nominee; however, I do need you to give me your name and email address (or a fake one) so I know you’re a human and not a dancer robot.

The nominees can work in human resources, benefits, compensation, recruiting, communications, or in the slummy jobs of HRIS or payroll.

Just kidding. Those jobs are not slummy. In fact, please nominate someone who makes HR tick!

Who should be your next CHRO? Who inspires you? Who makes HR better? Do you make HR better? Nominate yourself or someone awesome. That person doesn’t have to work directly in HR, either. They can be an influencer or someone you admire.

Please use the form below and share your thoughts. Or leave a comment. Or send smoke signals.

The post will go up after the first of the year.