Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 3.14.36 PMI always end the year by writing about my accomplishments, failure, regrets and resolutions. Today’s post is about resolutions.

I make resolutions every year.

(Learn to cook. Learn to swim. Take better care of myself. Be a better friend.)

I never learned to cook, can’t swim for crap, and I could live on a diet of grilled cheese and champagne. And while I can show up and look like a decent matron of honor, I’m not a shining beacon of friendship.

I’m a work in progress. Like you.

But I made a resolution to start exercising in 2006. It hasn’t always been easy. It’s normally not fun. But I’ve been sticking with it — from running to pilates to my new hobby of archery — because the alternative is ugly. I’ve seen far too many diabetic amputations in my lifetime. And once they start cutting, other things happen. Ask me to talk to you about streptococcal infections, MRSA and c.Diff.


That’s why I exercise.

I have a pretty loose definition of exercise, by the way. If it burns calories and engages my heart and my mind, it counts.

Want to start exercising in 2015 but hate it? Yeah, join the club. Do what I did.

* Take baby steps.
* Don’t take yourself seriously.
* Don’t compare yourself to others.
* It’s not all or nothing. Don’t be an absolutist.
* Watch other people at the gym. Copy the people who look like you.

Everybody starts somewhere and has some help along the way. I would suggest that you talk to other people who are healthy. Ask them how they stay active and don’t lose their minds.

And stop stepping on the scale, folks. Need to lose 40 pounds? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. A scale provides a limited view of your overall health. Realistic, healthy goals are attainable. You can do it.

Which brings me to my 2015 resolution, by the way.

“I will try to eat breakfast every day.”

I’m not going to change the world with my resolution, but it’s a realistic goal that I can achieve. And maybe I’ll have more stamina throughout the day and be less cranky with my friends.

To breakfast!