I always end the year by writing about my accomplishments, failure, regrets and resolutions. I love this time of year because the calendar naturally moves me to reflect and take action. This post is all about 2017 accomplishments.

As I write this, I’m in my jammies by the fireplace. Already I’m winning. Looking back at the past year, it’s easy to be absolutist and binary. But I know one thing is true: I’m Laurie Fucking Ruettimann. My list of accomplishments is a mile long in my heart, as well as on paper. Even when I failed, I kicked ass in all major categories of my life.

Do you want a specific list? I traveled all over and met new people. Saw my family a little more and argued a little less. Was honest about my mindless patterns of behavior. Had crucial conversations with loved ones that were painful but necessary. Didn’t force myself to run while sore and in pain. Stopped listening to Morrissey after he defended Kevin Spacey and claimed to be misquoted.

I also never quit writing or thinking about new business ideas even when I took some time away from publicly writing and speaking. Right now, I’m working on plans for 2018. I’ve ditched my expensive Lifetime Fitness membership and joined the YMCA. I’m optimistic about the new year.

Well, as optimistic as a cynical girl can be.

Thanks for sharing 2017 with me. Hope your list of accomplishments leaves you feeling satisfied, too!