I always end the year by writing about my accomplishments, failure, regrets, and resolutions. I love this time of year because the calendar naturally moves me to reflect and take action. This post is all about 2022 resolutions.

I began a new training regimen with a running coach in 2021. He’s a natural athlete, a talented teacher, and a wonderful human being who challenged me to think of running as dancing

Running long distances is challenging. And logging significant miles in the North Carolina summertime is brutal, no matter how early you wake up. But I learned that my workouts could be more than just lacing up my shoes, plowing through my miles, and chugging down fluid to stay hydrated. Instead, running could be a statement of emotion, an expression of a philosophy, or even a beautiful release of energy. 

It doesn’t have to be so hard. 

I was encouraged to hit YouTube and watch athletes at the peak of their careers. Runners, bowlers, pole vaulters, and even competitive eaters. There’s no question that they dominate the game technically and know their sport inside and out. But the great ones do more than win a match or beat a competitor. They move from a quiet place of confidence in their hearts, and their performance looks effortless. (Even the dude who eats hotdogs!)

Anyone doing anything remarkable in this world is not only just grinding, slogging, or pushing past the pain. Instead, they are having a moment within a moment that means something more than the activity itself. Their accomplishments result from the physical and emotional work required to perform at the top of their game. And what they earn is much more than victory. They get meaning.

More of that for my entire life in 2022, please.

Happy New Year!