Sign in Spanish with neon light with the text Viva la Vida. Neon lights sign on a black background. bright letters. A pink neon sign lit up a room.Madeline Laurano and Kyle Lagunas were on my podcast a few months ago, and we discussed the role of an analyst in an evolving and chaotic world of work. At one point, Madeline joked that I had the potential to be an analyst.

After the show, I asked Kyle for a meeting to talk about what he exactly does for a living. Turns out, Kyle uses creativity and critical thinking skills to marry data with overarching trends to get to the truth and communicate insights about the current and future landscape of work, leadership, and technology.

I said, “Boy, that’s a lot. I’d just love to learn how to write a survey.”

So, I’m pleased to share the exciting news that I am joining Aptitude Research, the leading human capital management (HCM) research and advisory firm, as an adjunct analyst. 

What Is An Adjunct Analyst? 

An adjunct analyst contributes expertise and knowledge to a company or organization, often in a research or advisory capacity. They conduct in-depth research, analyze data, and provide insights or recommendations to support the organization’s objectives. In addition, they often collaborate with full-time analysts and other team members, offering their unique perspectives and experience to enhance the overall quality of the research or analysis. 

Because I stepped out of my comfort zone, I now get to continue my passion for lifelong learning and explore the impact of HR technology on the fast-changing world of human resources. 

Why am I qualified to do this? I bring a practitioner mindset and a strong sense of advocacy for the HR industry to this position. Plus, I have reverse-imposter-syndrome and feel entitled to try. My mission is to go deep to deconstruct myths on all aspects of HR and share my insights to help shrink the gap between the dream of technology and the promise of how HR can fix work.

What is Aptitude Research?

Aptitude Research is based in Boston and focuses on in-depth research and vendor assessments that help HR and leaders to develop a deep understanding of the HCM technology landscape. With a forward-thinking approach, Aptitude Research is committed to fostering a new and transparent conversation about the role of technology in the workplace.

How Will This Work?

Working under the guidance of Madeline Laurano, the founder and chief analyst of Aptitude Research, and Kyle Lagunas, Head of Strategy & Principal Analyst, I will learn from the best and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding human resources, talent acquisition, performance management, wellbeing, analytics, and technology. 

I’m an intern, really, and I love it.

Through my work at Aptitude Research, I hope to contribute valuable insights and guidance for companies, technology providers, and investors alike, helping them navigate the ever-evolving world of HR.

Now What?

Let the fun begin. Watch the blog for my upcoming contributions as I dive deep into this new side hustle and share my findings. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me, Madeline, or Kyle with any questions or request a briefing on the future of work, technology, and everything nerdy.

We’re ready for you!