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A few years ago, I asked a colleague if he had ever been to Barcelona. He responded, “I am well traveled throughout Western Europe.”

Good grief, HR people are so insufferable. But since that time, I have been looking for a reason to visit Barcelona. I finally found one—and it’s not a human resources conference, thankfully.

I will be leading a session at This Way Up, which is an elite forum for leadership growth and collaboration. I’ll be leading a session on talent—and the executive challenges related to recruitment, development, and the internal mobility of A players—with two very esteemed and successful women named Inge Geerdens and Julia Prats.

It’s an honor to attend and share what I have learned throughout my career. (For real, it’s cool.) More importantly, I hope to learn from the attendees and speakers and have new things to write about on my blog. (I’m selfish like that!)

You could come over to Barcelona and attend this conference if you’re a CEO who has raised external capital, has achieved revenues over €1M, operates in at least 3 countries, and has had revenue growth of 2x over 3 years. There are tickets for attendees who are CEOs of start-up organizations, and for individuals who work within a venture capital firm or a private equity firm.

Oh, insufferable HR guy who’s traveled the world—you don’t qualify to attend? 

That’s too bad for him. For the rest of you, I’m thrilled to attend and live-tweet under #TWU2015. Looking forward to sharing great information from the event.

See you in Barcelona!