You guys, I’m doing a unique HR event in Los Angeles on May 23 hosted by a company called bigStory. I’m attending a story-driven HR event for executives who want to talk about optimizing performance.


Join us in May on a stage overlooking all of Los Angeles, where we will explore the role of HR in the evolving organization. Your experience will begin with an introduction to bigSTORY, through a story about the future of HR that you’ll build with other attendees by playing a game. Then, theater! Immersive theater! You’ll find yourself in the executive suite of a company that’s having a day unlike any other. You’ll be in the thick of it when its employees clash over the rift between a company’s vision and its history, and make decisions that will affect them for years to come. A debrief led by a world-class team of futurists will give you new ways of analyzing business performance that could very well be critical to your professional life. We’ll conclude our afternoon together with refreshments and networking while enjoying one of the most extraordinary views of Los Angeles you’ll ever see.

If you’re an HR Professional, Chief Performance Officer, Organizational Effectiveness specialist, Enterprise Architect, Strategist, or Communicator, this will change your world.

Holy crap, this is an intriguing way to think about corporate brand, story and employees. I’m in. Also, the venue is the Steelcase WorkLife Center, and it’s gorgeous.

Want to come with me to the bigStory event? I’m just an attendee who’s not paid but I get two free tickets (because I’m LFR and whatnot). 

Be my guest?! Yes? No? Send me an email if you’re interested.