Hello, everybody. Today is my birthday. I’m 43. That’s about six in dog years.

(No, wait, it might be 200. Do you multiply or divide?)

I woke up this morning and wanted to turn my blog into a fundraising vehicle for Hustle Up the Hancock, but then I remembered that most of you have already donated and expressed your support for my sixth hike up that skyscraper.

If you recall, I hustle up 94 flights of stairs to fight lung disease and support smoking cessation programs in memory of a classmate’s mom who died of lung cancer when I was just a child. I also hustle for my friend Jenny who died two years ago from lung cancer. And I do this because my sister can’t quit smoking, although she’s ready to try.

(Maybe I can finally quit running up this goddamn building, Carolyn. It’s cold in February, and I’m not getting any younger.)

I was planning on writing a long blog post about cancer and lung disease, but then I realized that I haven’t thanked the awesome women who are joining me on our team. Normally I run up this building alone. Last year, Dominique joined me. This year, she’s returning as a team captain and roped Mary and Shauna into hustling up the Hancock. After the Hustle, we’re having brunch at the Little Goat Diner where the team can have the Fat Elvis Waffles.

So, thanks to the awesome women who are hustling up that building with me. And thanks to everybody who has donated to our cause. If you have some loose change, one of those awesome women would appreciate a donation. And, as always, you’re welcome to join us in 2019.

That’s right, I plan on running unless my sister stops smoking. Then, I’ll just be a cheerleader and/or rope her into doing this crazy event with us! Stay tuned, and thanks.