Black Friday

Hey, everybody. Happy Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday rolled into one weird weekend for solopreneurs like me who sell services on the internet.

I’m working feverishly on my book, but it’s too soon to sell you anything other than a manuscript. But I do have two deals you might want to buy.

I’m running an online course for risk-taking in 2019. I took a risk on myself while working in a corporate job, and it paid off. Is there one thing you want to accomplish in 2019 but seems daunting? Want to get promoted? Go back to school? Start a small business? Become a public speaker? Let’s work on it together. Click the link, and you’ll get 25% off my class — that’s $360 if you can’t do the math.

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Wonder where your life is headed? Struggling on the job? Hate your boss? Need a pep talk and a plan but don’t have time for my online class? I’m not your life coach or therapist, but let’s fix work by brainstorming. Click on the link below and book me for an hour. I usually charge $160, but you’ll get a deal at $79. Buy one session or six. Buy a session for a friend as a holiday gift. Whatever you need, let me know. You can email me at with questions before you buy.

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These offers are good until Monday at 11:59 PM ET. Would love to help you kick ass and take names in 2019.