Today is Carnival of HR Day — a marvelous celebration of HR thought leaders, creators, and storytellers.

Do you still read HR blogs? I do! I may not wear iPhone Air Pods and commute to the office, but I’m on top of people who have big ideas about fixing work.

Here’s what came across my desk and what I like.

Robin Schooling wants HR to tilt at windmills:

Jennifer McClure wrote about the origin of DisruptHR:

My friend Lance Haun wrote a letter to his daughter about the future as they celebrate the start of a new year and a new decade.

Sarah Morgan wrote about her wellbeing at work, and she draws a line in the sand when it comes to what she will and won’t accept in 2020.

Long-time blogger and friend Kelly Dingee turned 50 and looks fantastic. That’s not the point. She’s writing about ageism, HR, and the job search:

I have beautiful art from Doug Shaw throughout my house. He’s a consultant, teacher, and music lover who wrote a piece on the passing of Neil Peart from Rush:

Vadim Liberman interviewed Tom Hacquoil, CEO of recruitment software provider Pinpoint, who thinks that many recruiters are insane:

Brittany Taylor is here with a video update on employee resignations. Watch it live!

Kris Dunn thinks it makes sense to pay $100,000/year to a Taco Bell manager. What do you think?

Dorothy Dalton wants you to stop wasting time at work. Got it?

Melanie Peacock thinks a 2020 vision is overrated:

Thomas Otter has thoughts on Cornerstone’s acquisition of Clustree.

David Bookbinder wants you to maximize shareholder value by investing in people:

Eric B. Meyer thinks this, right here, will be the biggest employment law concern for employers in 2020:

Recruiting Animal interviewed Joseph Mullings. He and his firm have completed more searches in the medical device industry than any other search firm — more than 7,000 searches with more than 500 different companies in the Life Sciences space.

Anthony Paradiso tells us how people analytics connects with diversity and inclusion:

Achievers want you to read more about the new focus of HR, which is getting work done.

Mark Fogel is writing about the role of HR when it comes to politics over at Fistful of Talent:

My pal Sabrina Baker is a small business expert, and she offers 2020 goals for small businesses who put employees first

Greenhouse Software has the requisite 2020 talent predictions that you need to know:

Christine Assaf is writing about how to be human in an increasing tech-heavy, distant world.

My friend Lars Schmidt is back with season two of his awesome podcast. Yes, we’re including podcasts on this list. I’m the boss. Check out his interviews with CHROs and leaders of forward-thinking talent teams at 21st Century HR:

Judy Lindenberger is writing about the benefits of career coaching, which you probably need, here:

Don MacPherson was a “big brother” to Shakeel Nelson. Now that Shakeel is grown, he’s paying it forward and building the leaders of tomorrow. This is a lovely story of male friendship and two men being there for one another—something you don’t hear enough about.

The HR Bartender does a roundup of important wellbeing articles you need to read:

Steve Browne reflects on getting older and wiser:

Jason Lauritsen wants you to confront bad behavior to improve workplace engagement and morale:

Tim Sackett thinks a 30-minute commute is all people are willing to endure, and he’s correct.

I’m sick of people being late for conference calls, so I’m including this piece on “Lombardi Time” from Ryan Estis. Make it your 2020 resolution to show up five minutes early.

Ask a Manager answers, “My abusive boss was fired after I complained about her — what do I say to coworkers?”

Wally Bock writes about leading knowledge workers. Who are they? How do you motivate them?

HR Jazzy wants to get real about your job search. It’s not resumes that are your problem. Cough cough.

Red Branch Media offers three smart recruiting strategies to improve your hiring process:

Wendy Dailey believes your employer brand is your brand.

Katrina Kibben offers the best blogs, podcasts, books, and career websites of 2019:

Christie Engler wants us to think about a collective ‘us’ in the workplace.

Lynne Levy wants you to choose gratitude in 2020 and beyond.

Managing Editor believes that a content map is the unsung hero of your content marketing strategy.

Claire Petrie considers why 2020 feels different:

John Baldino gets specific about goal setting and replacement theory:

Bruce Waller wants you to hit refresh on your career with these techniques:

Carlos Escobar gives us 5 Reads: Building Trust, How Exercise Changes the Brain, Ideas that Will Change Your World in 2020 and More.

Heidi Pancake is back to blogging, thank goodness, with Hard Truths & Half-Court Shots:

Jenni Stone wants you to know that reports aren’t analytics. (Seriously, I’m so bad at math.)

Jon & Wendy celebrate their 99th podcast episode together, and it’s a good one.

Sarah Knoll Wilson believes success should be measured by intangibles.

Neil Morrison writes about beliefs, behaviors and systems.

Limeade offers the 2020 trends to take care of your people:

I’ve linked to people with ideas, perspectives and diverse points of view. If you aren’t on the list, it’s because you didn’t submit yourself or I missed your content in the past 30 days. Don’t let that happen again. Follow the Carnival of HR twitter account and write something interesting for next month’s edition!