A friend of mine told me that she buys cat food at the grocery store. She buys whatever is on sale. Yes, her cat is barfy. She is not sure what to do.

She asked, “What do you feed your cats?”

That’s a complicated question.

I have a cat who cannot tolerate grain. He loves Meow Mix, but he will barf himself into oblivion if I feed him the fun stuff. I want to make my life easier, so I feed my cats bunnies.

(That’s right. They eat rabbits. Canned and dry.)

Although it sounds gross, those bunnies were raised and slaughtered in conjunction with a thoughtful and transparent supply-chain process. It’s expensive food, of course, but a puke-free life is worth it.

If my cats didn’t eat bunnies, I would struggle to find the right food because commercial pet food is unregulated. Just because something is expensive and “natural” doesn’t mean it is good. Chinese suppliers have been known to take shortcuts. Many animals have died.

(Stay up to date on pet food recalls here, btw.)

Seth Godin says cat food isn’t for cats, which tells me how little he knows about anything other than himself. Cat food is for cats, and there are big differences in the quality and brands. If there were no digestive issues in our family, I would probably feed my cats Science Diet. It’s always been good to us.

Do you need to buy your cat food at the grocery store? Well, I fed my cats Fancy Feast for many years. My favorite cat, Lucy, died just a few weeks short of her 18th birthday. If Fancy Feast is good enough for Lucy, it’s probably good enough for your cat.

Here is my advice: do your research, introduce your cat to a new brand very slowly, and stick with that brand.

Good luck!