The one thing I’ve learned about being a solopreneur is that the cobbler’s children go unshod.

I am helping a few HR technology companies create and implement progressive marketing strategies. I am coaching a few young women on how to be more effective human resources leaders. I am headed down to SHRM ATL to help a friend with her keynote speech. But I am not speaking as much as I should. I am barely writing. And I am certainly ignoring my business plan and marketing strategy.

But that’s changing, sorta, because I am converting all of my old keynote speeches into e-books. The folks at Reputation Capital are managing the project. Stay tuned for updates on when those books will be published.

(Finally, this cobbler found another cobbler!)

I am also trying to book one keynote, webinar or conference event each week for the third and fourth quarters. The summer months are a challenge, but the calendar looks good. Things are filling up. LMK if you want me to come and see your HR or marketing teams.

And I am managing my inbox and triaging my messages. So much business is done via email. It’s still the killer app. But I want to run an email marketing 101 webinar because most of the companies in my industry don’t offer an unsubscribe button for their bullshit. You can’t pretend we are friends, send me a bcc email about upgrades to your applicant tracking system, and expect not to suffer the consequences. I am going to find you at a conference and make you buy something from me. Bring your procurement card.

Finally, I can’t seem to get any work done because a firm from London has been begging me to run its infographic on toilet etiquette at work. That’s not a joke. I have six emails from them. It’s tough for me to admit that my brand — work, life, cats — intersects with diarrhea, my period, and cat pee. But I know my myself and my audience, and I applaud UK Bathrooms for recognizing my influence and reach on those important subjects.

It’s a glorious day in Raleigh. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The cobbler’s children are not unshod. The children have washed their faces, put on yoga pants, and will go for a long run in the woods after lunch.

Spring is here.