Join me as I chat with Carly and Ian Blessing, founders of the alcohol-free brand “All the Bitter.” They share their candid journey from struggling with alcohol use disorder to launching their innovative brand in the cocktail scene. We explore their experiences working at the French Laundry, how they navigated their path to sobriety, and how they channeled their challenge into an opportunity.

Carly and Ian give us an inside look into the world of non-alcoholic bitters, from their kitchen experiments to managing a full-blown commercial operation. We discuss how the pandemic served as a catalyst for their venture and the fascinating process behind the creation of their bitters.

Tune in to this episode of Corporate Drinker as Carly and Ian emphasize the importance of a supportive community outside work and share their experiences with AA and online communities. You’ll also get to hear about the growth of their family business and the recent addition of Carly’s stepdad, Ed, to their team. It’s a conversation that unravels a journey of resilience, enterprise, and creativity. 

Don’t miss out on this inspiring episode as we stir up conversations around sobriety, recovery, and innovation in the cocktail industry!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Carly and Ian’s journey from alcohol use disorder to launching their non-alcoholic bitters brand, “All the Bitter,” influenced by their work experience at the French Laundry
  • The transformation of their kitchen experiments into a full-scale commercial operation, including insights into inventory management and recipe tracking
  • How the pandemic served as a catalyst for the idea of alcohol-free cocktail bitters, leading to the birth of their innovative product
  • Why you need a supportive community on the path to recovery, and Carly and Ian’s experiences with AA and an online community focused on non-alcoholic beverages
  • The growth of the family business and the addition of Ian’s stepdad, Ed, to the team
  • The process of alcohol recovery in the restaurant industry
  • A deep dive into the world of non-alcoholic bitters, their creation, and the importance of community-building in the alcohol-free space

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