Have you ever wondered how unseen forces of elitism might drive the dynamics of your workplace?

Join us as we sit down with the remarkable Leah Goodridge, an attorney and city planning commissioner from Brooklyn, New York, who has some thought-provoking insights to share about this very subject. Leah draws our attention to the often-overlooked intersection of work and alcohol and how it contributes to a culture of exclusivity and perpetuates financial insecurity among young professionals.

In our conversation with Leah, we venture into the labyrinth of workplace elitism, unearthing its subtle manifestations in after-work drinks, power lunches, and even the pressure to outperform. Further, we dissect the concept of dysfunction bonding, a complex issue where work becomes an escape from personal problems, leading to unhealthy dynamics. We delve into the delicate balance between sharing insights and gossiping and how it can create a sense of inequity. Leah also brings to light the undue pressure on marginalized groups to constantly prove themselves, adding another layer to this intricate matrix. 

Prepare for a riveting conversation that promises to broaden your perspective on the reality of workplace dynamics and equity.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Leah Goodridge, a legal warrior advocating for housing justice in Brooklyn, New York, shares her thoughts on the intersection of work and alcohol
  • The hidden nuances of workplace elitism and how it’s entangled with after-work drinking and power lunches
  • Uncovering the reality of financial insecurity among young careerists and the unspoken inequities in professional spaces
  • An examination of dysfunction bonding in the workplace and the fine line between gaining insight and fostering gossip
  • The pressures faced by those from marginalized groups in proving their worth at heightened levels
  • How the culture of after-work drinks can perpetuate workplace inequalities and marginalization
  • The role of alcohol in fostering an unhealthy work culture and perpetuating sexual harassment

Resources from this Episode

Leah Goodridge’s website: www.leahgoodridge.com

Find Leah on Twitter:  twitter.com/Leahfrombklyn 

Connect with Leah on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/leah-goodridge 

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