What if we told you that the corporate world could be playing a significant role in triggering addiction and mental health issues?

It’s time to challenge perceptions and spark meaningful dialogues as we welcome Cheryl Brown Merriwether, Vice President and Executive Director at the International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education. With her experience in HR management, adult education, and lived experience of addiction, we uncover unsettling truths about substance misuse in the workplace and discuss the significant part we can all play in fostering recovery.

We tread into contentious territory, examining the reclassification of substance use disorders and how our choice of language can shape the fight against addiction stigma. Cheryl provides insight into the various schools of thought and the transformative power of education in bridging these divides. We also explore the tricky area of workplace culture and its impact on employee mental health – how do businesses strike the right balance between providing support and encroaching on personal boundaries?

But it’s not all heavy discussion; we also dive headfirst into the adoption of exciting new approaches to tackle mental health and substance use disorders in the workplace. From creating safe spaces through affinity groups and employee resource groups to the pivotal role of data in measuring the success of these initiatives, there’s much to be hopeful about. And as Cheryl shares the inspiring stories of Project Opioid and her work with ICARE, we’re reminded of the immense potential of interagency partnerships and the vital role of education in making a real, tangible difference.

Tune in for a conversation that challenges, provokes thought, and inspires action.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • An in-depth discussion with Cheryl Brown Merriwether, executive director at the International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education, on substance misuse in workplaces, along with her her personal and professional experiences
  • The controversial reclassification of substance use disorders, focusing on the role of language in destigmatizing addiction and the power of education in bridging different viewpoints
  • The impact of workplace culture on managing mental health, including the delicate balance that companies need to strike when offering support without overstepping professional boundaries
  • Some innovative strategies for addressing mental health and substance misuse in professional environments, like establishing affinity groups and employee resource groups
  • The use of data in measuring the efficacy of mental health initiatives in workplaces
  • Project Opioid and ICARE, initiatives that demonstrate the potential of interagency partnerships and the transformative power of education in driving change
  • The evolving language and understanding of substance misuse and mental health and the need for ongoing education and open conversations in the workplace

Resources from this Episode

International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education: www.icare-aware.org

Connect with Cheryl Brown Merriwether on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cherylbrownmerriwether

Project Opioid: projectopioid.org

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