Today, on The Corporate Drinker, Laurie invites you on an extraordinary journey of bravery, resilience, and self-discovery with her guest, Bryan Wempen.

With an openness that is at once jarring and inspiring, Bryan translates his personal battles with alcohol addiction into a narrative that brings to light the often unaddressed issue of substance abuse in the corporate world. We dive head-first into the murky waters of his past, tracing the path from his early days of drinking to his arduous journey to recovery, exposing the power of a recovery mindset, self-compassion, and kindness. 

Their conversation takes a powerful turn as we dissect the correlation between work culture and alcohol. Through Bryan’s eyes, we explore the changing landscape of professional behavior in the age of social media and the increasing visibility of substance abuse. He shares his revelations during recovery meetings and highlights the importance of managing negative emotions and staying committed to the mission for a better, healthier work environment.

In the final part of their conversation, Bryan introduces us to his work with CHESS Health and how it fits into his mission to help those in recovery. He talks about his upcoming book, “Fuck My Demons: A Next Chapter in Recovery,” and the role writing played in his journey to self-improvement. His commitment to doing the right thing while caring for himself and his family, along with his perspectives on tolerance, is nothing short of inspirational. 

Tune in as we celebrate the power of second chances and the companions who challenge, support, and spur us on our journey to self-discovery and growth.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Bryan Wempen’s journey from alcohol addiction to recovery and the impact of work culture on substance abuse
  • The correlation between work culture and alcohol and the increasing visibility of substance abuse due to social media
  • Bryan’s experiences and revelations from recovery meetings and why managing negative emotions and committing to a healthier work environment is crucial
  • His work with CHESS Health, aimed at helping individuals in recovery, and his upcoming book “Fuck My Demons: A Next Chapter in Recovery”
  • The power of writing in Bryan’s recovery and self-improvement journey
  • Corporate drinking culture and its implications for workplace wellness strategies
  • Bryan Wempen’s commitment to tolerance, self-care, and making a positive impact through his work and lifestyle

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