Could your choice of drink impact your career, culture, and health? 

Join Laurie as we navigate the intricate world of alcohol, work, and culture with her guest, Dr. Lipi Roy. This renowned doctor, writer, international speaker, and media personality is a titan in addiction medicine. She’ll debunk some common misconceptions about alcohol, including the ubiquitous theory surrounding the health benefits of wine. Dr. Roy will also explore the need for businesses, leaders, and HR departments to address addiction and mental health issues.

We’re challenging traditional norms and perceptions around alcohol in this episode. We explore binge drinking, its prevalence, and women’s unique challenges regarding alcohol consumption. With her expansive experience and knowledge, Dr. Roy guides us through different treatment options for alcohol use disorder, from professional counseling to support groups, and highlights the role of medication like Naltrexone and Ozempic. 

This is more than just a podcast episode; this is a call for a healthier, more mindful approach to alcohol use within our lives and workplaces.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Dr. Lipi Roy’s experience in addiction medicine and her new company, SITA MED, which addresses addiction and mental health in the workplace
  • Debunking the misconceptions about alcohol, like the supposed health benefits of wine
  • The binge drinking trend, the unique risks women face with alcohol consumption, and COVID-19’s role in escalating these issues
  • Treatment options for alcohol use disorder, including professional counseling and support groups, and the role of medications like Naltrexone and Ozempic
  • The complicated relationship between work, culture, and alcohol and the responsibility of businesses, leaders, and HR departments
  • Binge drinking and how to recognize harmful drinking before addiction takes hold
  • The increasing numbers of alcohol addiction among women and COVID-19’s role in this rise

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