Ever wonder how societal pressures and expectations can drive you towards unhealthy coping mechanisms? 

On this episode of Corporate Drinker, Laurie’s conversation with Celeste Yvonne, a sober mom advocate, author, and certified recovery coach, will make you rethink the pervasive “mommy wine culture.” Celeste gets candid about her journey of sobriety, five and a half years in the making, and how her experiences in the hustle and bustle of corporate America for 20 years clashed with the harsh realities of motherhood. She also uncovers the often-hidden feelings of despair and shame parents face amid the daily grind.

In the throes of anxiety, depression, and the overwhelming pressure of being a stellar mother and a successful corporate employee, Celeste shares how she found herself entangled in problematic drinking. Hear her discuss her rocky transition to motherhood, the lack of postpartum support, and how it led her to self-medicate with alcohol. 

Join us as we tackle the societal expectations and gendered stereotypes burdening parents and how Celeste used her ongoing struggles and dedication to sober living as a beacon to guide others. We’ll also explore her powerful new book “It’s Not About the Wine: The Loaded Truth Behind Mommy Wine Culture” and her thriving online community, the Sober Mom Squad.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Celeste Yvonne’s journey from corporate America to motherhood, including her struggles with the mommy wine culture and her path to sobriety
  • The harsh reality of postpartum depression and anxiety and the lack of support and societal expectations that many mothers face
  • Why she created the Sober Mom Squad, an online community providing support for moms dealing with similar issues
  • The pressure to be both a successful corporate employee and a mother that led to her drinking becoming a problem
  • The societal and gendered stereotypes that contribute to the pressures of parenthood
  • Celeste’s experience transitioning from her corporate career to writing her book “It’s Not About the Wine: The Loaded Truth Behind Mommy Wine Culture”
  • The struggles and triumphs inherent to motherhood and the courage to challenge the status quo

Resources from this Episode

Celeste Yvonne’s website – celesteyvonne.com

Find Celeste on Facebook – www.facebook.com/theultimatemomchallenge

Connect with Celeste on Instagram – www.instagram.com/theultimatemomchallenge

Get a copy of “It’s Not About the Wine: The Loaded Truth Behind Mommy Wine Culture” – amzn.to/45JomDv

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