Have you ever wondered about the real cost of alcohol in the corporate world? 

Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation with Ken Makimsy Middleton, the author of Bamboozled. Laurie and Ken unravel the insidious dangers of alcohol, discussing how it keeps us in a cycle of mediocrity and threatens our professional growth. 

Ken opens up about his personal journey, sharing how alcohol, initially a false confidence booster, hindered his progress. They also tackle this complex relationship with alcohol, offering insight into navigating it and breaking free from its chains.

Ready to challenge what you think you know about corporate drinking? Laurie and Ken delve into the concept of alcohol consciousness, emphasizing the importance of understanding the trade-offs of drinking. Ken reveals corporations’ role in fostering a sobriety culture instead of encouraging team-building activities centered around alcohol. Additionally, they explore the undeniable link between alcohol and sales professionals, uncovering the underlying reasons behind their heavier drinking habits and offering solutions. Ken introduces the MEDS approach (Mechanical Reengineering, Education, Substitutes, and Exercise Commitment), a comprehensive method to abstain from alcohol. 

This promises to be a game-changing conversation that will shift how you view alcohol in corporate culture.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Ken Makimsy Middleton’s journey from using alcohol as a false source of confidence to realizing his life was better without it, along with the hidden perils of alcohol in the corporate world
  • The concept of “alcohol consciousness” and advocating for understanding the trade-offs of drinking as a path to healthier choices
  • Corporations’ role in promoting a culture of sobriety instead of building teams around alcohol and the dangers and pitfalls of this normalized practice
  • The history of alcohol and its societal normalization and the compelling case for abstinence
  • The MEDS approach – Mechanical Reengineering, Education, Substitutes, and Exercise Commitment – a comprehensive method to abstain from alcohol
  • An overlooked connection between sales professionals and heavy drinking
  • “Alcohol parables” from Ken’s book, Bamboozled, and how it illustrates the contrasting paths of two individuals, offering readers a tangible understanding of the life-changing benefits of giving up alcohol

Resources from this Episode

Connect with Ken Makimsy Middleton on LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/kenmmiddleton

Get a copy of Bamboozled: How Alcohol Makes Fools of Us Allwww.amazon.com/Bamboozled-How-Alcohol-Makes-Fools/dp/1954437862

Ken’s website – thebamboozledbook.com/

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