Are you aware that your workplace dynamics are being subtly manipulated by alcohol? That’s right: from happy hours to casual Fridays, incorporating alcohol into our work culture has profound impacts that we seldom consider. 

Join Laurie as she explores this topic with the brilliant Kate Bischoff, a Minneapolis-based employment attorney who offers her unique perspective on the complex relationship between work, culture, and alcohol. They delve into the roles of “optimal” and “sub-optimal” organizations, the power dynamics reinforced by alcohol, and their potential to disrupt inclusion and belonging.

Does handling alcohol consumption in your corporate environment seem complex and challenging? You’re not alone. In this episode of Corporate Drinker, we explore the tough but necessary conversation about the expectations of professional behavior when it comes to incorporating alcohol at work. We discuss how HR can take a proactive stance against workplace misconduct and the importance of setting expectations around professional behavior. Drawing on Kate’s expertise, we also uncover the impact of the billable-hour culture on employees’ substance abuse and the challenges of bringing about a cultural shift. 

Tune in and equip yourself with insights and strategies to foster a secure, respectful, and inclusive work environment.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The impact of alcohol on work culture with employment attorney Kate Bischoff, exploring how it can amplify power dynamics, disrupt inclusion, and diminish a sense of belonging
  • The responsibility of HR, the respect we owe to our employees as adults, and the role of Midwestern pragmatism in setting expectations and holding individuals accountable in a corporate environment
  • Unique challenges associated with the billable-hour culture and substance abuse, particularly in professions with easy access to drugs and alcohol
  • How to foster well-being, contentment, and a secure environment in the workplace amid the presence of alcohol
  • The issue of alcohol and professional behavior at corporate events and conferences and the need for setting clear expectations around professional behavior
  • The high rate of substance abuse disorders among lawyers, attributed to the stress and expectations that come with the billable-hour culture
  • Self-reflection and questioning our happiness and satisfaction in our professional and personal lives

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