On this episode of Corporate Drinker, step into the world of addiction and recovery with Laurie Ruettimann’s guest, Dr. Scott Kellogg, an acclaimed clinical psychologist specializing in addiction.

Laurie’s conversation with Dr. Kellogg delves into the fascinating intersection of work, culture, and alcohol, particularly in the current pandemic climate. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on how addiction intertwines with identity and how crucial it is to meet people where they are. Dr. Kellogg brings a wealth of experience and understanding from his time as a psychotherapist in the mid-1980s, providing an eye-opening glimpse into the complexities of addiction. Dr. Kellogg offers his expert opinion on the role of identity in addiction recovery.

Have you ever wondered how forming a new identity could be the key to recovery? Or perhaps how broadening one’s identity could act as a shield against addiction? This episode answers these questions and more, challenging the traditional views on addiction and spurring a thought-provoking conversation on identity transformation. We also tackle the corporate drinking culture and how one can juggle multiple identities.

Last but not least, they unravel the intricacies of therapy approaches for addiction. Explore the importance of building relationships, monitoring use, and creating a recovery plan that works. Hear about the somewhat controversial harm reduction dogma and the power of setting boundaries. We also discuss the stages of recovery and the need for an integrative approach.

Get ready for a conversation that sparks a new understanding of addiction and how to respond to it in ourselves and others.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The complex relationship between addiction, identity, and recovery, with a focus on work culture and alcohol use during the pandemic
  • The concept of identity in addiction recovery and the suggestion that crafting a new identity can be crucial in overcoming addiction
  • Some different therapy approaches for tackling addiction, including building relationships, monitoring use, and creating a successful recovery plan
  • Dr. Kellogg’s thoughts on managing substance use and the need to optimize benefits while minimizing risks
  • What an “ideal use plan” means
  • The societal perception of addiction as either a sickness or a moral failing and the challenge of identifying the real issues in someone’s life
  • The use of contingency management in addiction recovery and offering positive reinforcements for behavior change
  • Laurie and Dr. Kellogg’s discussion on the role of money as a motivator in addiction recovery and how financial incentives can help in managing substance use

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