betting on you book laurie ruettimann chapter 5Do you work in HR?

Do you want to enhance your professional skills while earning recertification credits? Did you know that you can read Betting On You for work? The SHRM recertification book program offers an excellent opportunity for you to do just that! By reading books relevant to your HR career, such as “Betting On You,” you can gain valuable insights and earn credits simultaneously. The program includes a list of approved books covering various topics, including employee relations, compensation, and diversity and inclusion.

The good news is that “Betting On You” is one of the books included in the SHRM recertification book program. Although the book isn’t literally about human resources, the thesis is relevant: You fix work by fixing yourself first. The book is about investing in your employees and creating a culture of self-leadership, individual accountability, growth, and development. It covers employee engagement, performance management, well-being, and other crucial career development topics.

To earn recertification credits, do the following: read an approved book and write an essay demonstrating your understanding of the book’s content. The essay must be at least 1,000 words and must be submitted to SHRM for review. If your report is accepted, you will earn three recertification credits.

Why does the SHRM recertification book program matter?

Here are some benefits of the SHRM recertification book program.

• It is a convenient way to earn recertification credits.

• It allows you to learn about new HR topics.

• It can help you ‌improve your HR skills.

• It can help you to advance your HR career.

The SHRM recertification book program is an excellent option for earning those pesky recertification credits. It’s convenient, affordable, and can help you improve your HR skills.

How do I submit an essay?

Here are some tips for writing a successful essay for the SHRM recertification book program:

• Choose a book that interests you and will be relevant to your HR career.

• Please read it carefully and take notes.

• Write an essay summarizing the book’s key points, demonstrating your understanding of the material.

• Use evidence to support your arguments.

• Edit your essay carefully before submitting it.

If you follow these tips, you can write a successful essay that will earn you recertification credits.

Bet On Yourself!

So, remember: If you work in HR, the SHRM recertification book program is a fantastic and affordable way to keep your HR skills sharp while earning those vital-but-often expensive recertification credits. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow in your HR career. So, choose an approved book that resonates with your interests, like “Betting On You,” and start reading today. (You can even get the book from the library.) Then, submit your insightful essay to SHRM and earn the recertification credits you deserve. Visit the SHRM website for more information and to explore the complete list of approved books. Take charge of your professional development and give your HR career the boost it needs!