You can’t do one thing and do it well without a break. Everybody needs time away. That includes bloggers, writers, and keynote speakers like me. We deserve PTO.

I’ve been working nonstop since the beginning of the year. Working on my business. Working on myself. The results are good, and I’ve made progress in almost all areas of my life. But I’m tired. No, correction, I’m exhausted.

The thing about grinding is that it’s unsustainable. You can’t do good work if you’re burned out. So I’m taking two weeks off to clear my head and heart. The plan is to watch the sunrise, work on my book, and see some palm trees. Hopefully, I’ll come back with more energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

Not everybody can afford to take two weeks off, but you can probably take two hours off. Wish I had managed more lunches with friends. Too bad I didn’t do more mini-breaks to the beach — or digital detoxes — over the past six months. Should have tried harder to fix work by fixing my sleep schedule sooner.

Had I closed my eyes and focused on my wellbeing a little more, I might not feel so depleted.

So, if you can get two weeks off, take it. If you can get a weekend away, grab it. Do what you can to grab some rest and relaxation, or suffer the consequences. Nobody can give 110% all of the time. Everybody deserves PTO, and it starts with you.