failure-catI’m launching the inaugural #failchat on Monday, October 17th at 1PM ET. Our topic? Generalized Failure Disorder.

What the hell is Generalized Failure Disorder? It’s nothing. It’s fake. It’s being human.

Data shows that most of us fail in the same ten ways over and over again, and we learn how to manage failure — or not — from our families and the important people in our lives. And psychologists regularly demonstrate that failure isn’t a big deal. It’s our individual reaction to life’s unforeseen circumstances — resilience, learned helplessness, self-determination, ruinous sentimentality — that determines whether or not we succeed.

Basically, failure is just part a boring part of life. You know, much like eating and pooping. And, for the record, we mostly celebrate eating and pooping when a baby does it.

Are you a baby? No. You’re a grown-ass adult.

Now let’s take to the internet, like grown-ass adults, and talk about Generalized Failure Disorder on Monday at 1PM ET.

Here are the questions I want to discuss.

Q1. How do you define failure, and can you do it without referring to an annoying quote from someone who is dead? #failchat

Q2. What personal or professional mistakes do you make over & over again even though you know better? #failchat

Q3. When you fail, do you blame others? Are you accountable for your failures? #failchat

Q4. Do you intervene when you see others failing? Or do let them fail because you think people need to learn a lesson? #failchat

Q5. Can you ever actually beat failure? #failchat

Q6. What’s one thing you can do today to stop failing so dang hard? #failchat

Let’s level up, make our lives great, and figure out how to fail in new and interesting ways. See you on Monday!