A few weeks ago, BambooHR asked me to speak at a virtual summit.

What’s a virtual summit? Well, it’s an online learning event for “HR People Who Don’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.”

(Just kidding. I wish it were that awesome.)

An HR summit is an event where a bunch of nerds talk about HR. BambooHR asked me to talk about social media. I’ll be keynoting with the dreamy Marcus Buckingham and the equally dreamy Marshall Goldsmith.

I asked, “Hey, BambooHR, how much does this pay?”

They’re like, “It’s twenty minutes, Ruettimann. Quit breaking our balls.”

Just kidding, nobody said that.

Instead of paying me in cash, which is nice but also an unrealistic request on my part for a twenty-minute talk about social media, BambooHR did a day of service in my honor. They volunteered at Canines with a Cause, which is an incredible organization.

Even if you don’t want to attend this webinar, you should check out Canines with a Cause and make a donation. (I did!) And I’m super honored that BambooHR spent a day out of the office with dogs and veterans in my honor. I love that so much. Thank you.

So sign up for their free online learning event and see me deliver a twenty-minute talk on social media in my pajamas while sipping hot cocoa.

And while you’re at it, I’m doing another webinar called, “Creating a Magnetic Culture.” It’s hosted by PeopleMatter. Why don’t you sign up for that, too? What else are you doing? Nothing! That’s what! My webinar is about doing good things for people who work in the hospitality and service sector, which is where 70% of the new jobs in America are created.

So here are some free HR learning opportunities. You could learn a thing or two about excellent work environments. Let me help!