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Whenever somebody is struggling or down about their job, I like to give them books. They help them think through their experiences and get help from others. Friday Forward is one of those books that you could offer one of your friends in a similar situation.

The author, Robert Glazer, has made the 52 most impactful stories from his weekly newsletter Friday Forward into this incredible book of the same name. Friday Forward the book will give you the inspiration you need to reach your goals, lead others, and ultimately fix work.

In my recent conversation with Robert, I asked him where the inspiration came from for his book. 

He explained that Friday Forward started as just a note to his team a few years ago. He had done a lot of leadership work around improving your morning routine by thinking positively right when you wake up. However, he couldn’t find any good positive books people could read. So, he began looking at the stories he had compiled over the years. 

He would send one of these stories to his team every Friday. Eventually, people started sharing those stories outside of the organization. He opened it up so anyone could signup to receive them, a couple of people wrote articles about it, and five years later, 200,000 people in 60 countries get that email every morning. This is what ended up leading him to write Friday Forward. 

I’m talking about these topics—and more on the lessons for the business world in Robert’s book— in my weekly newsletter. I’m also sharing a video to help you think about your week ahead. You can sign up here.