Dear Readers,

Today is Hairball Awareness Day.

Normally, Furminator asks me to do a cool project with cat fur to promote healthy feline digestive tracts. This year, there is no project. Some websites are running a contest where you can win a FURminator grooming kit filled with several products, but I’d rather just show you the projects we’ve done for the past two years.

I think my photos are more fun.

Furminator 2012

Furminator 2013 2

Furminator 2013

Anyway, the LFR kitties are down with the Furminator. Without question, it is the single best item we own in this house. And for springtime allergies, I furminate the hell out of my cats.

None of my cats suffer from hairballs, btdubs. Not a single one.

So happy National Hairball Awareness Day. Go comb your cats. I am sure they would love the attention.