Last week, I did a series of posts on where you can donate over the holidays and on Giving Tuesday.

The places were:

Hustle Chicago 2019
• The GoFundMe for Ita Olsen — her house burnt down in the California wildfires
• Safe Haven for Cats

I’d also like to offer a few more ideas.

1. Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. I still have two cats from this lovely organization that survived the Great Recession in Michigan by the sheer force and creativity of its volunteers. When I first began volunteering there, I was appalled by what people would do to animals. But then I learned what people would do for animals, and it restored my faith in our community.

2. Independent Animal Rescue. That’s where I found Roxy, at a Petco, while running an errand. She’s the smoochiest love of my life. And IAR is a wonderful organization that fosters some of the sweetest cats and dogs. Worth a donation.

3. InterAct of Wake County. I tried to volunteer here but had a panic attack during volunteer training. It turns out, I’m sensitive to domestic violence topics. I’ve come to support them through money and donations to the thrift store.

4. Planned Parenthood. There is no gender equality at work without reproductive freedom. You can’t trust women to run a company if you can’t trust women with their bodies.

5. New Moms. This is a Chicago charity that’s near and dear to my heart. The best way to be pro-life is to fund life-altering institutions. New Moms is one of those organizations.

I’d love to hear where you are donating on #GivingTuesday. Got a recommendation? Leave it in the comments below.