Screen-Shot-2014-12-16-at-8.22.22-PMNext week, I’ll be attending a conference called Global Best Practices 2015.

I sit on the board of TD2nK, which will bring together the brightest executives in the restaurant and hospitality industries to discuss labor trends, economic policy, and issues around engagement and retention.

It’s a great event for HR leaders who work in the restaurant and hospitality sectors of America. More than 70% of the new jobs in America are in the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries. People travel and dine out in record numbers. And while those jobs aren’t often seen as very good jobs — and the fight to earn $15 is real and compelling — it’s not like corporate jobs are all that great, either. Workers are burned out, people are disengaged, and wages have remained flat over the past twenty years, too.

And, call me crazy, I think the professional sector can learn a lot from the service sector.

Which brings me back around to TD2nK and the Global Best Practices 2015 conference.

I’ll be attending the conference in Dallas, next week, with a simple agenda. I’ll be listening and spending time with executives who try to walk the talk. I’ll be learning more about the work that real Americans do. And I’ll be live-tweeting the event on my social media platforms. So if you can’t attend and want your fill of pithy observations and honest feedback, follow me on Twitter. I’ll be using the hashtag #GlobalBPC.

But I hope to see you there!

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