My neighbors have a dog who is quite an escape artist in her old age.

rescue dog

Last time she escaped? It was the dog sitter’s fault. This time? It was an invisible fence failure. The family wasn’t home, and I found the dog darting back and forth across a country road. I called the dog’s name and she jumped right into my car. We went back to my house, and I called my neighbors and read them the motherflippin’ riot act.

My neighbors have a bunch of kids and they travel. I don’t know all of the details, but I do know that I hate solving other people’s problems. My footprint is relatively small. I don’t ask the world to step in and help me out. Where’s my Laurie Ruettimann?!

But as I was thinking about this situation, I realized that I wasn’t irritated with my neighbors at all. They are nice people. I was mad at every single person in my life who has a bunch of kids and pets — or extends themselves in other ways — and is surprised when the world doesn’t fold in for their own person needs.

You’re busy? You are broke? Your kids are bratty? Your pets are a pain? Yeah, okay, maybe get your shit together.

Except, you know, that is a toxic way to live.

The world is chaotic. Dogs get out. This is no big deal. And if something happened to my cats, I would want my neighbors to rally around me. I would need their help. Also, rescuing this doggy was pretty fun. Nobody died, and my cats were able to have a fun adventure.


So in short: while you need to get your lives in order and keep an eye on your children and your pets, I need to chill the hell out and offer a little more grace to my neighbors.

Let’s do this together, okay?!