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Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people succeed. Being happy for others just naturally makes me happy.

Here’s why.

1. Your success influences people.

When I see other people succeed, I’m inspired to be my very best. I think — if you can do it, I can do it. When your hard work pays off, it reminds me that my hard work can pay off, too. If you have a good day, or if you’ve accomplished a super-challenging goal, you should tell people. It makes a difference.

2. Your happiness is infectious.

When you smile, my mirror neurons kick into high gear. I start smiling, too. Then it’s easy to reverse-engineer your happiness and see that it begins with good choices. I want to make healthy choices, too. Thanks for setting an example. That’s how a movement start.

3. Your story is important.

I love it when people write and speak and share their ideas. The more I learn about what it takes to do good work in this world, the more I want to do succeed in this world. Then, I want to share my ideas so that others can have fun and joy in their lives.

4. It’s easier to learn when you’re happy.

I learn best when I’m having a blast. Whether I’m reading your blog or attending a cupcake decorating class, my mind is open when I’m relaxed and having fun. If you want to teach me something, just show me exactly how you relaxed and had fun. Easing into a lesson is much better than facing the cold, hard reality of a dark and desolate world.

5. Your success takes the pressure off people to be something they’re not.

When the world is all doom and gloom, people around you will rally and offer their best and most genuine support. But if you’re permanently in the dumps, your mood will drain the resources of your friends and colleagues. So when you’re happy and prosperous, it allows me to recharge my batteries. That way, I can be there to support you when times are tough.

The best friends and colleagues in this world are those who are supportive of you when things are going well. They celebrate your successes, they cheer you on from the sidelines, and they wish you well without making it about themselves.

Be that person for someone in your life. If you show up for your friends, they’ll show up for you.