https_proxySince the 1990s, I have lived in 18 different locations, which includes two countries, four states, seven cities, a multiple of municipalities, several poorly-furnished corporate apartments — and I’ve had six cats (RIP, Lucy) and tons of foster animals.

Raleigh has been my home for seven years, and I love it, but most of you know that I was born in Chicago. I haven’t lived there for many years, and when I go back, the town is nearly unrecognizable. Yes, North Michigan Avenue is lovely; however, outside of 10 beautiful blocks of luxury hotels and shopping, the streets seem turbulent.

If Raleigh is home and Chicago was where I was born, I might call London my second home. I went to school at Regent’s University London, which is a private, non-profit university. It’s in London where, as a college student, I started to daydream about being a writer.

Life didn’t quite work out. When I returned to the UK in my role as a corporate human resources leader, I felt the desperate sense of urgency to reboot my life and get closer to my core values as an artist and teacher.

(Which is sorta what I do today in my role as a writer, speaker, and consultant.)

But fuck all that rumination and emotional regurgitation of the past. I am headed back to London, tonight, to make new memories. I’ll be there for 48 hours with friends and colleagues at an event called TruLondon. I formed a friendship with the conference founder, Bill Boorman, back in 2009. He makes me feel like I make a unique contribution to the agenda (even though the conference is now overwrought with American attendees).

What can I say? I am eternally grateful to Bill for the opportunity to go home.

So I’ll see all of you very soon. Even you, my dear American colleagues!