Today is Tim Sackett Day. It’s the day when HR bloggers honor someone who works in human resources and doesn’t get a ton of press. In the past, we’ve praised people like Kelly Dingee, Paul Hebert, Recruiting Animal and Victorio Milian.

Today we are honoring Lisa Rosendahl.

Lisa was nominated for this honor by a colleague who said, “I’m voting for Lisa Rosendahl because she’s an original in the HR blogging world, but kinda off the radar now, just doing her thing. She’s a veteran, she works for the government, and she’s mature. My hero.”

Boom, the decision was unanimous.

Lisa kicks butt, doesn’t go around asking the world to follow her twitter account, and has an impeccable work ethic that doesn’t allow her to whine about human resources.

When someone tells you that HR sucks, I’ll politely tell you that it doesn’t suck. We have Lisa to thank.

Since she won’t toot her own horn, follow Lisa here:

You could do worse than emulate Lisa’s amazing leadership style. And thank you, Lisa, for being such a great role model for so many of us, Congrats on this notable, important and prestigious honor! (Ha!)