Setbacks can be hard, uncomfortable, and sometimes messy. So, what if you were faced with making a comeback amid chaos and uncertainty? Could you do it? 

Well, Emily O’Brien, founder of Comeback Snacks, is living proof that even when you’ve made some of life’s worst decisions, you can still come back, be innovative, and make amends. 

I am a sucker for a good comeback story. 

One of the things that I find with my audience is that they are open to new ideas about the world of work, business, and employment. When times get tough, they work to figure out how to fix the issue instead of feeling remorse or pity.

Leaders don’t often play the victim card; it’s not in their DNA. 

So, one of the first steps in making significant changes is to take accountability. Leaders who don’t acknowledge, learn, and grow from their mistakes don’t stay leaders for very long. 

Then the question becomes, how do you challenge yourself to do better? In Emily’s case, she invests in learning and seeks out mentorship opportunities.

My challenge to you this week, whether you are experiencing a setback or not, is to think about how you might stretch, grow, and expand as a leader. How can you do better?

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