My friend is trying to grow out her bangs for her upcoming wedding.

Just so you know, growing out your bangs is no joke. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Decide to stop cutting your bangs.
  2. Don’t cut them.
  3. Stop thinking about them.
  4. Really, I mean it, don’t cut them. Do what ever you can to pin them away from your face, but don’t cut them.
  5. It’s best to stop¬†thinking about them, too. Seriously. They will grow. I promise.

Once you can tuck your bangs behind your ears, your life changes.

Me? I am no longer allowed to cut my bangs under penalty of divorce. If Ken never hears about my bangs ever again, it will be too soon.

(I haven’t cut them short since 2011.)

So to summarize: the only way to grow out your bangs is to grow out your bangs. And once you grow them out, don’t cut them.

I wish I had a better solution for you!