Hi, everybody.

There’s one thing that is true about the HR community: When one of us hurts, all of us hurt.

That’s why I’m very sad to share the news that Elle Taylor Seiden, the beloved daughter of our friend Jason Seiden, lost her life on July 22nd after bravely battling a debilitating disease called CRPS.

Jason Seiden was an early and active organizer in the HR tech community. He blogged, wrote a book, keynoted conferences, and singlehandedly made “failing in public” an art form. If you work in human resources/recruiting and have a social media account of any kind, it’s because Jason was an ambassador for early technology adoption.

Many of you have asked how you can support Jason and his family, and I’m pleased to share several options.

1. Reach out to Jason directly. He wants to hear from you. If you don’t have his information, you can use this form.

2. Don’t stop reaching out to Jason or his family. Expressing your condolences can be awkward, so talk to Jason about the things that matter. Share what’s in your heart, and offer to be helpful. No gesture of kindness is too small. If you lack the words, you can donate to one of Elle’s favorite charities and show your support for the Seiden family.

3. Participate in the Day of Giving. Please join the HR community in supporting the Seiden family and honoring Elle’s memory by participating in a Day of Giving on August 10, 2018. It also happens to be Jason Seiden’s birthday. Let’s use that day to support Jason and his family during this difficult time.

• Write a blog post about your support for the Seiden family and ask for donations to one of Elle’s favorite charities.

• Ask your friends and colleagues to donate to one of Elle’s favorite charities on your Facebook page.

• Even if you don’t know Jason personally, please join us on August 10th and honor his daughter’s memory. Take a photo of something beautiful and post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #ATributeToElle.

• Follow the hashtag #ATributeToElle on Twitter and re-tweet fundraising messages and blog posts.

Jason and his family have expressed their thanks and appreciation for all the love and support during the past week. Let’s pay tribute to Elle and honor her memory by showing love and support to her parents, sister, and all members of her family on August 10th.


PS – If you’d like to talk about how to honor Elle’s memory in other ways, please feel free to reach out to Mark Stelzner or Susan LaMotte with any questions.