I’ve been traveling all over, this spring, attending conferences and networking with amazing talent-focused business leaders. One thing that’s true for every event? Almost everybody is looking for a new job.

I’ve had hundreds of in-person conversations since the beginning of the year with HR folks who are miserable. Complaining incessantly about their leadership teams. Totally disengaged and caught up in a cycle of learned helplessness. It sucks so hard.

They show up at an event and get motivated to change their lives. Then they go home, get on the internet, and find jobs where other HR folks were miserable and have left for the promise of greener pastures.

It’s one big job-swap of crap. 

I don’t work in human resources, but I’m sympathetic to a certain degree. The job is challenging, and you deal with the underbelly of an organization. But, as an entrepreneur, I’m also impatient with people who complain. It’s tough to understand what’s so bad about a job with paid-time-off and benefits. Want to fix your life? The only limiting factor is you.

As HR’s big sister, it’s hard for me to not fix your problems. So, I’ve created a simple HR job board where LFR-approved jobs will be featured for your consideration. It’s free for everybody. If you’re a fan of HR Books, it means you’re already leadership material. Plus, readers are leaders. Why not help you find a great job?

And if you’re looking for amazing HR and talent-related professionals, you know how hard it is to recruit an HR professional who isn’t a whiner. (Sorry, friends.) Why not highlight your jobs to my audience and find the next person to change your company’s path?

Find a job, find talented people, and get back to work. It doesn’t have to be so difficult. Hope you have a look at the HR Job Board, and email me if you want to discuss it.

Now let’s all change the world.