Hi, everybody. Did you know that I am an executive recruiter? Great companies hire me to find exceptional HR talent. I try to be helpful when I believe in the organization.

Want to know about my current search? People love to get fancy with job ads. I like to get factual.

Human Resources Business Partner

I’m helping a European company find its first-ever Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP), a person based in NYC who will work in the office 2-3x/week. This job has a $150-$170K total compensation package and a Scandanavian approach to culture, work, and overall quality of life. It’s a much better role than the job you took in early 2021 when you jumped on the Great Resignation bandwagon!

This HRBP role is what we used to call an “HR Generalist” or an “HR Manager” before management consultants ruined everything. Are you a versatile HR professional with the wisdom to know what you don’t know? Do you lean into the fundamental belief that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are part of every great company’s operating system? Can you coach, advise, relate, laugh, and do the work when your boss is six timezones away? Do you have an instinct for when to handle things independently and when to call the lawyers?

Great, you’re almost hired.

Are you the ideal HRBP?

The ideal candidate will be a terrific human being with an average amount of baggage and a bias towards taking PTO instead of walking around in a self-induced state of martyrdom. Nobody wants that.

It’s never too late to be helpful and of service in a fantastic company. So, if you’re curious and want to be considered, please let me know.

One more thing. Are you worried that you’re not qualified? Well, not with that attitude, you’re not! There’s no cavalry coming. Want a good job? It’s on you. Raise your hand, take a risk, and see if this is a good fit. What’s the worst that can happen? I tell you no, but we’re still internet friends.

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe this job is for you.

Live, laugh, love,

PS – Do you know someone qualified?

Please forward this to a friend or colleague who might be interested! And, no, I don’t care if the candidate is SHRM certified.