CISHRP RuettimannI am excited to return to Grand Cayman on May 14 where I’ll keynote the 11th Annual CISHRP Conference.

Let me get a few things out of the way.

  1. Yes, there are HR professionals in Grand Cayman.
  2. Yes, they have a conference.
  3. Yes, they are always looking for good human resources conference speakers like you.
  4. Follow Chris Bailey on Twitter and say hello.

The speaking circuit is no joke — and there is money to be made — but it’s a tough career to explain. I was in Chicago, last weekend, talking to a friend about my job. There is no legitimate way to explain how I can stand on stage, talk about matters related to human resources and leadership, and then send an invoice for my time.

It almost seems criminal.

But every industry — such as hospitality, aviation, dental, publishing, landscaping, etc. — is represented by an association. Those associations exist to coax you into becoming a member. Then those associations collect your data and sell it (over and over again) to vendors who want to sell stuff to people like you. And those associations have conferences where they need speakers like me.

It’s a sketchy business, but I won’t apologize for it. Why not me? I have a legitimate POV. I look okay on stage.

But it’s not just me, actually. And it’s not just human resources.

Larry Bonine is a much sought after Keynote Speaker for the Construction and Transportation Industries.”

Karen Davis is an international speaker, business owner, acclaimed author and Key Opinion Leader as well as the recipient of Dentistry Today’s “Top Clinician in Continuing Education” annually since 2006 award, Karen brings her unique talents, perspectives, CUTTING EDGE insights and real-world how-to content to our stage today.”

Chris Hogan is a sought-after, diverse speaker who loves to challenge, motivate and encourage business leaders, real estate professionals, military personnel and students to be their very best—no matter what!”

I’m the first to admit that the whole thing feels like a ponzi scheme. And I can understand if you’re asking, “Who the hell are these people?!”

But it doesn’t matter who the hell they are. It only matters if you find them to be smart, authoritative and credible on stage. Doesn’t hurt if they are easy on the eyes of sad, lonely HR ladies.

(I have a different skill set.)

And until someone tells me to stop, I am going to speak about HR, leadership, management and technology. It’s much better than having a real job where people complain to me and I’m too busy to have lunch.

I had that job. It sucked.

So come see how the whole thing is done in Grand Cayman on May 14th. Being a professional HR speaker may seem like a sketchy way to earn a living, but there’s no better place to deliver my keynote than on an island that has 1.9 trillion United States dollars on deposit in 281 banks.

Someone’s got to cash that check, baby.

Why not me?!