hustleHello, my friends.

It’s my birthday. I’m 41 years old.

Since 2013, I’ve come to you on my birthday and asked for donations to Hustle Up the Hancock. Each year more than 4,000 people climb to the top of John Hancock Center to raise funds for lung disease research, advocacy and education.

It’s nearly 100 floors. And it’s tough. But I do this because the stakes are high.

Just this past year, a dear friend of mine from my childhood was diagnosed with lung cancer out of the blue. She’s one of the healthiest and most pragmatic women I’ve ever met. And now her whole family is sucked into the vortex of cancer.

I’m mad as hell about it. I don’t know what to offer. So I’m trying to respect her privacy and support her family while climbing that huge skyscraper in her honor.

I will also Hustle Up the Hancock for my sister and sister-in-law who still smoke. Quitting smoking is harder than quitting heroin. That’s a fact that I read on the internet, and it sounds real. Also, my brother sometimes still smokes. Instead of judging them, I’m trying to help researchers find a way to make smoking cessation a little easier.

So please donate to my fight against lung cancer and lung disease, this year. Please help my family stop smoking. And please know that I’m also running for adults and children with pulmonary diseases, asthma, and breathing issues related to pollution.

And because I’m serious as hell about this, I will embrace donations of all sizes with special recognition on my blog. But if your company makes a donation of $1,000 or larger, I will personally fly myself to your office and meet with you and your HR or marketing team for the entire day.

That’s right. I’ll come to you for a donation of $1,000 or more. If you work in HR, we can talk about HR, recruiting, talent acquisition strategies, or even social media. If you work in marketing, we can take a look at your content strategies and how you support your sales teams.

I’m giving everything I have to hustling up this building, again. I hope you can give, too.