I Hate Work

“I Hate Work: Engage Your Employees and Overcome Job Dissatisfaction”

Everybody hates their job from time-to-time, but leaders are facing an epidemic of adults on their payrolls who hate work. Job satisfaction numbers are at historic lows, and an alarming number of workers regularly report that they are actively sabotaging their projects and teams. What’s worse is that executive teams find that most of their efforts to boost morale and employee engagement scores are completely ineffective.

Workplace expert Laurie Ruettimann has been at the forefront of workplace issues for a decade, and now she takes on the dirty secret of job dissatisfaction, holds it up to the light of day, and provides practical, honest advice for moving beyond the negatives. In this fresh and authentic talk, Ruettimann gives leaders and employees the responsibility and opportunity to take accountability for their employment experiences, to think about new strategies for personal fulfillment in the modern economy, and to turn workplace dissatisfaction around.