Hey, everybody, I’d like to introduce you to Devon McGrath. She is the new director of operations over here at Let’s Fix Work HQ.

Devon hails from Minnesota and has a master’s degree in history from University College Cork. I’m telling you this because you can’t plan your career, kids. Our lives are happenstance, even with the best of intentions.

Devon’s new job is to help me run a business with integrity and launch my new book. She’ll be working behind the scenes to bring you the best content and information on work, life, politics, and baby animals.

We don’t care if you fix work. We want you to live better lives where your relationships are more important than your job description.

Connect with Devon on LinkedIn, IG and Twitter and say hello. She’s also continuing her work as the producer of the 12 Geniuses podcast, which is hosted by Don MacPherson. If you haven’t heard that show or the Let’s Fix Work episode with Don MacPherson, I highly recommend both.

Wish Devon luck!


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Minnesota Girl Beats the Odds and Visits Miami Without Getting a Sunburn.

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